becky_sharpe (becky_sharpe) wrote,

Обращение к послу Греции

Dear Mr. Spinelis,

On the 11-th of June 2013 I became a witness of serious misbehavior by your employee. The person who did it was a diplomat working in your embassy. At 20-20 pm – 20-23 pm AUDI 009 D 214 77 was driving on the opposite lane along Prechistenskaya embankment. The driver didn’t try to overtake a traffic jam he was simply driving in my direction. So, this diplomat is a potential killer. It happened that diplomats killed people in Russia whilst driving roughly and irresponssibly. In Russia the police takes off your driving license for such behavior.

I ask you to look into this situation and punish the guilty party.
I have already published information about this incident on-line in my popular blog (100 000 unique IP per day) and in my Facebook (161 000 followers).
You can find the pictures which prove my story in my Livejournal

Journalist Bozhena Rynska

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